Lean and Green Cookbook

It might sound a little too good to be true, but the air fryer is the tool that can help you get on top of your diet without sacrificing the delicious meals you enjoy.


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Cook Real Hawaii

The story of Hawaiian cooking, by a two-time Top Chef finalist and Fan Favorite, through 100 recipes that embody the beautiful cross-cultural exchange of the islands.


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Refined Sugar-Free Recipes

Rachel Conners began her blog as a hobby to share baking recipes with friends, but when she started to focus more on gluten-free, paleo, and vegan recipes to make things she could share with her sister, who was following a strict diet due t...


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The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook

Experience the magic of the Disney Parks right in your kitchen with these 100, easy and delicious recipes inspired by Walt Disney World!


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Half Baked Harvest Super Simple

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • There’s something for everyone in these 125 easy, show-stopping recipes: fewer ingredients, foolproof meal-prepping, effortless entertaining, and everything in between, including vegan and vegetarian options!


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Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Two

With crisp veggies, succulent seafood, hearty grains, and healthy oils, the Mediterranean diet makes nutritious eating a pleasure. This cookbook brings its bright flavors and bountiful health benefits to your table with recipes designed for...


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Gluten Free Cookbook for Beginners

Whether you recently found out you have a gluten sensitivity, or you’re just looking to eat a diet with less gluten, start your journey off on the right foot with The Gluten-Free Cookbook for Beginners.


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Rachael Ray's Look + Cook

Inexperienced cooks need more that just a few lines of laconic test to help them along. Rachael Ray has coached a generation of rookies on her Food Network shows, talking and plopping and emoting her way through dish after dish.


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Cooking No-Recipe Recipes

The debut cookbook from the popular New York Times website and mobile app NYT Cooking, featuring 100 vividly photographed no-recipe recipes to make weeknight cooking more inspired and delicious—featuring a convenient flexibound format.


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